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Apply for the Fall Fellowship Today!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Arts Hub is launching another round of our artist professional development program, the Arts Hub Fellowship and we want you to apply! During this six-week intensive you’ll have an opportunity to build connections, learn new skills to grow your arts practice, and think strategically about how you want to grow as a creative professional. The Fellowship includes a series of workshops to grow your arts practice through practical advice and tips. While every Fellowship workshop series is tailored to the specific needs of the cohort of artists, past workshop topics have included: how to be your own boss; PR/marketing for the creative entrepreneur; financial management as an artist; grant and proposal writing; and more!

In addition building your skills as an arts professional, you’ll also have the opportunity to grow your network of peers and collaborators. Artists will be connected to one another through facilitated discussions, small group work, and intentional collaboration time. The Fellowship will also help guide you through a strategic planning process so you can intentionally build your arts practice in a way that makes sense for you.

If you’re interested in building your arts practice in new and unexpected ways, then join us! This round of the Fellowship program will run October 13th-17th. There will also be a pre-session meeting in late September to explore the unique needs of this cohort to help Arts Hub tailor the content of the Fellowship.

Applications are open now through September 13th!

See what past participants have said about the Fellowship program:

“The program goes beyond the information-packed sessions in learning about all the facets of artistic creation, organization, business, promotion, and strategy. There is an accelerated collaboration in the networking aspect of the group, which I think is beautifully organic. Working in the same cohort of other local artists and learning about them and their work fueled my ideas and opened up so much possibility for the future”
“The fellowship program is one of the most supportive growth spaces to learn hard skills as an artist. You'll walk away with a network of peers to run ideas by, a whole new toolbox to use for finding funding and branding yourself, and most of all, the reassurance that pursuing a career as an artist is not just a necessary pursuit but a possible one.”

“This Fellowship rocks. You will meet amazing artists who are pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones to become successful. If you are willing to dive deep, you can re-examine your arts practice and find new solutions.”

“Arts Hub provides guidance in making your art sustain your lifestyle through workshops in marketing/branding/grant-writing with excellent, informed and current speakers. You will be encouraged and supported as you learn to hold space for goal-setting and making a plan for your art-life.”

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