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Albuquerque Funny Fiesta 2021

Funny Fiesta 2021 Mural by Andrew Fearnside
Funny Fiesta 2021 Mural by Andrew Fearnside

The Funny Fiesta is wrapped and we at Arts Hub couldn't be more excited about how it all went down. This year's festival spanned five days and included comics from New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California, Colorado, and more. There was stand-up, improv, musical-based comedy, movie dubbing, sketch, and even a mural from local artist Andrew Fearnside. Between artists and audience members, well over 500 people participated in this year's festival.

In true Arts Hub style, the festival also provided opportunities for artists to hone their skills through workshops and panels plus opportunities for artists to connect with one another and broaden their network. This created opportunities for artists to take away knowledge and form stronger systems of support that will far outlast the festival.

Audience members had a great time too! According to a post-event survey, 95% had a very enjoyable experience and were more likely to seek out other arts experience because of the festival. Additionally, 86% of audience members reported seeing an artist they had never seen before meaning the festival helped expand an audience base for artists.

Arts Hub also added a streaming element to make this a true hybrid festival. Most performances had a streaming option for audience members who were unable to, or felt uncomfortable coming out to live performances. This option not only attracted locals but garnered the festival, and Albuquerque's comedy scene, a national audience.

We are so grateful to everyone who was involved- from festival staff, to volunteers, to performers, and audience members. We'll see you all again in 2022 for some more laughs!

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