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smART Classroom

Bringing arts education directly into schools.

Childrens Show

Theater Artist and Playwrighting Residency

Arts Hub partners with Duke City Repertory Theatre Company for year-long theater artist residencies in elementary classrooms. Students learn how to create an interesting story, develop compelling characters, write/edit scripts, and produce original theatrical works. Students spend the first semester developing acting, performance, and writing skills. During the second semester, they write a play as a group, edit, rehearse, and perform their original play for the community. The program supports confidence, teamwork, and literacy skills.

High School Improv League

Arts Hub works with The Box Performance Space and The Show to bring professional improvisers into high school classrooms. The improvisers work with students to develop their improv and performance skills. Students learn what it takes to create improvised scenes based on audience suggestions. They then develop their own improv show and showcase their work to the community and the end of the year. This program supports confidence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills through a fun and empowering curriculum.

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Visual Arts Classes

Arts Hub brings local artists to collaborate with students and teachers, fostering a vibrant learning environment where creativity thrives. Together, we not only cultivate artistic skills but also enhance educational practices. Teaching artists generously share their expertise, enriching classrooms and nurturing learning in alignment with National Fine Arts Standards.

Current classes include: Mini Comics, Lego Block Printing, Printmaking and Cyanotypes

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