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About The Arts Hub

What if Albuquerque was fueled by art?


Arts Hub’s purpose is to unleash the power of the arts as a tool to engage the community, create solutions to urgent issues, and drive the creative economy.

The arts are a thriving part of Albuquerque’s culture and community, but artists continue to face barriers to work in this city. Besides a thriving arts community, sustainable artistic creation has an added benefit: it also sustains a class of creative problem solvers. Art is a powerful tool to engage community members and catalyze positive social change.

Over our first two years, we dedicated our time to discovering what is happening in the community currently, and what the community members said they needed by having conversations with and surveying Albuquerque Artists. We then collected the data and held focus groups that looked at the data collected and helped shape what Arts Hub does. You can see all our findings in a comprehensive report here

Since then we have developed several programs that address the barriers identified in the report including The Fellowship Program; The Funny Fiesta; and more. We will continue to work to support artists in Albuquerque and all across New Mexico.

If you are interested in knowing who is behind the programs at Arts Hub, you can click here.

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